Klemens D. Morgenstern
Software consultant & entrepreneur


Help & consulting in all areas for low level code


By using existing toolsets effectively and building smart extensions, I will optimize your workflow and build processes.

Low level

Based on my experience in embedded environments and system APIs I can design libraries wth effective abstractions that introduce little or no overhead.

Safe Code

By using Test-driven development and continuous integration, I can provide safe code all the way through the software development cycle.


Things worth checking out


C++ System Library


Unit testing toolset


Github app for continuous integration

Pacific++ 2018

Conference Talk

emBO++ 2018

Conference Talk




More about me

  • 1988-2013

    Becoming an engineer

    Between 1988 and 2013 I was busy with getting educated in Electrical Engineering with a focus on automation and getting a Master's in Microelectronics. And learning programming of course.

  • 2012-2017

    Being an employee

    Even before graduating I took a job for a young electonics startup in Germany. I was mainly doing C++ to build in-house development tools for our own electronics. This included a Qt Frontend, JSON-RPC and Java, C# and Python APIs.

  • 2017-now

    Consulting & Relocation

    In 2017 I went into business by myself, to work on my ideas (like report.ci) and to work more project-driven as a consultant. Given the location independence that comes with it, I decided to skip European winters and enjoy sun all year long in Asia.

  • Your project?

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For questions or project inquiries, feel free to write me.